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Chichester Evening


We believe that the arts have the potential to enrich people's lives...we look forward to welcoming you to the lectures below:

Date Title Speaker Synopsis
19 Sep John Piper - Master of Diversity Alexandra Epps From cathedrals to churches, from cottages to coastlines, we are never very far away from a place John Piper has either painted, written about or for which he undertook a commission; one of those being the beautiful tapestry currently in Chichester Cathedral. One of the most versatile British artists of the 20th century.
17 Oct The Art of 1935 Pamela Campbell-Johnston The exploration of one year that encapsulates its many aspects of decorative and fine art, demonstrating how these artistic forms reflected the period.
28 Nov Moorish Architecture – The legacy of a vanished kingdom Ian Cockburn The Alhambra of Granada, the Great Mosque of Cordoba and the Alcazar of Seville are just three of the many impressive monuments to the architectural creativity of the Moors in Spain revealed in this lecture.
16 Jan Turner V Constable: The Great British Paint-off! Nicola Moorby The story of two creative geniuses and their epic rivalry which transformed the art of landscape painting. Their diverse backgrounds and styles are examined head to head. Who is your star painter?
13 Feb How Napier became the Art Deco Capital of the World Martin Lloyd An earthquake struck the New Zealand city of Napier in 1931. We are taken through the quake, rescue operation and the factors influencing its rebuilding. A photographic tour of Napier today illustrates why it is known as The Art Deco Capital of the World.
19 Mar Post-war Australian Painting Paul Chapman Essential to the understanding of Australian modern art, we look at the naïve and expressive stylists of the 'Heide School', Sidney Nolan and Arthur Boyd, while John Brack's figurative paintings give a post-war social critique of Australian culture. John Olsen's abstract expressions of landscape and Brett Whiteley's are also essential to the understanding of Western modern art from 'down under'.
16 Apr A garden like no other – Edward James & Las Pozas James Russell In the depths of the Mexican jungle lies what looks like the remains of a lost civilisation, with arches and stairways which tower over waterfalls and pools. However, these were built only in the last century by a rich English eccentric and Surrealist, Edward James. This colourful lecture tells the story of his garden at Las Pozas, including an array of intriguing characters and exploring the wider theme of the modern artist-gardener.
21 May The Lute within Old Master Paintings Adam Busiakiewicz Busiakiewicz, himself a lutenist, will look at the lute in painting. In the Renaissance, played by angels, and in the 16th century, by educated courtiers. The 17th century often saw Jan Steens and Frans Hals depicting it accompanying intimate and debauched behaviour, while Vermeer showed it in polite, romantic scenes.
18 Jun Frida Kahlo – A Life in Art Fiona Rose This Mexican artist was queen of the selfies long before Kim Kardashian. Her work is often graphic and unflinching with subjects including murder, suicide, marital infidelity, miscarriage, revolution and living with a disability and death.
16 Jul Still Looking at Still Life – Lemons & Lobsters, Dutch Still Life from 1560 to 1650 Dan Evans When it comes to Dutch Flower paintings, the only real experts in the field are the insects that live there. From meat stalls to mince pies and bubbles to bread rolls, this lecture will help you to discover the fascinating symbolism conveyed by everyday objects. Examining works by Aertsen, Claesz, Steenwyck and others, we shall explore the corruption of abundance, the transitory nature of life and the inevitability of death.